This year the European Strawbale Gathering took place in Venice.
Many speakers from all over the world and key figures of the developement and diffusion of strawbales construction throughout the last 20 years.
During the 5 days (15-19 jun) of the gathering an intense program took place with conferences, round tables, workshops and strawbale constructions tours in the region.
An exposition space was given to companies who are working and experimenting on strawbale construction technologies.

I had the pleasure to meet there Alejandro Lopez and Sirka Helmdach, the couple  of founders of, an association based in Sagunto (ES) which has widely promoted strawbale and eco-construction in Spain and where I spent a month volunteering last year.

Apart the “big” personalities very well known within the growing little world of strowbale construction (Barbara Jones, Bill & Athena Steen, Werner Schmidt,…) which presented their work and vision about the future of strawbale construction, a most interesting project was the one of Tiziana Monterisi, who is actively working in Italy to promote the use of rice straw for construction and to make it part of the agro-industrial cycle of rice production.


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